Student Ministries

Student Ministries

Because we are located on the campus of Avondale College, we have a number of student focused ministries.


7:28 is a weekly worship service that starts from 7:30 PM on Friday nights during the College semesters. The name comes from Matthew 7:28 where the crowds were amazed by the words of Jesus. 7:28 hopes to bring students closer to the cross through music, drama, and the Word. Each year a student committee is responsible for choosing the themes and coordinating each meeting.

Young Adult Networks

YAN is a Sabbath School run by students that aims to create a close knit community in which students may grow in their relationships with the God of the Bible and train to be future leaders in the church. They meet in College Hall at 8:45 AM on Sabbath mornings starting with a free breakfast. Sabbath school is at 9:30 AM and welcomes involvement, fosters community and focusses on in-depth Bible study.

High School Ministries

The High School Sabbath School group provides a range of programs for teens in years 7 to 12. They spend an hour connecting with each other and with God each Sabbath morning from 9:30 AM. The teens also get together once a month on a Friday night for a meal and discussion of topics relevant to their age group. They also have monthly socials where they can totally unwind together. The teen leaders work to create an environment where they can develop a deep and meaningful relationship with God.